Educating and Mentoring is My True Passion

I attribute leadership as the most important factor in my academic, professional, and philanthropic success. One area where I have recently displayed leadership has been in founding my own company.

I had reached the ceiling of advancement with my previous employer. I was the director of sales, with ten direct reports. I enjoyed working on the personal development of my staff but was bored with the middle management monotony. I was itching to try something new and took the initiative to launch their Managed Services division.

I spent months evaluating vendors, creating a marketing strategy, building out products, and hiring new staff. The best part is, it worked. I was able to grow a profitable division for the company within less than a year.

Most importantly in that experience, I gained the confidence to start my own managed services company. I founded NocserV in 2016 with my own funding. I am proud to say that today we operate profitably. I have a team of five IT consultants, one administrator, and over a dozen clients.

What is most exciting about my recent leadership successes is I have discovered my true passion – educating and mentoring others. I channel that passion in many ways including my weekly small business podcast, teaching courses at the University of Houston SBDC, and I have started doing some entrepreneurial coaching. I have big ambitions to someday run my own entrepreneurial education center in Houston.

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